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August 15, 2008

New Pin, New Sports Catalog Cheats And Igloo Upgrades

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Hello everyone! There are allot of new updates on Club Penguin today!

First off the new pin is located on the balcony at the stage. It is a dodge ball pin.

Here are the cheats for the new sports catalog:

Click on the cheerleader’s left hand for the Orange Football Helmet.

On the surfing page change the penguin’s Flame Surfboard to a Daisy Surfboard, click on the starfish and the seashell to get the Silver Surfboard.

Here the cheats for the new igloo upgrade catalog:

Click on the floor remover tool for the Secret Stone Igloo.

Click on the Snow Igloo door for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo.

The new Ship Igloo came out and the Gym Igloo returned!



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